Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Monday, 15 January 2018

 Good Afternoon everyone!

In math class today students were introduced to the thousandths place value and extended their knowledge about decimals to the thousandths. A small review was given about how to compare decimals to the hundredths place; a worksheet was given to extend their thinking of how to compare decimals to the thousandths place.

Students were given an example OREO organizer so that they are able to better understand what is expected of them. The students have chosen some fantastic topics to persuade others, but the challenge is for them to create strong supports for their reasons. This will help make really convincing persuasive speeches! Due to an assembly, we were not given much time for students to work further on this but will receive lots of time tomorrow to complete this organizer.
Students were given a small worksheet about how persuasion is all around us. They are expected to look or listen for things that are trying to persuade us (ie, commercials, billboards, ads on the internet) and make a small comment on their effectiveness.

UOI: Biodiversity  
Today we had the presentations for our Mystery Phyla! I was very impressed with the student's ability to present the information that they learnt. It was also clear that students put a lot of effort into their Phyla ID poster. These will be hung in the classroom this week if you would like to take a look! I was also happy to see students using their knowledge about how to read the phyla tree when trying to guess what the Phylum was based on the clues.


As you are aware, the re-registration season is upon us and we have sent home packages with your child(ren). We value your loyalty and commitment to our school community and would love to continue our partnership by offering priority enrollment for our current SJA families. We kindly ask that you take a moment to review your financial statement and complete the information in the package and make any necessary changes to your place of residence, employment, email changes or any medical information that the administration should be aware of. Please be aware that in order to secure your child’s enrollment, it is imperative that you submit your re-enrollment package and fees no later than February 12, 2018 at 4:00 PM. After this date, all available grade-level spaces will be open to our families on waitlists who will then have the opportunity to secure any vacant positions.

Jump Rope for Heart
Students were sent home with envelops to start raising money for the Heart and Stroke foundation. An assembly was given today for students to better understand what the Heart and Stroke foundation does for others. If you would like more information about the foundation please go to 
After care invoices have all been sent out via freshbooks. Payments can be made online and are due January 29th. Payments in cash must be in the exact amount. 

-Math worksheets: Exploring Thousands, Comparing and Ordering Decimals
-Language: "Persuasion is All Around You" sheet
                    Read chapter 1 of Hatchet
-Spelling Lesson 15 (test Friday) 
-Ski Forms (overdue)


Friday, 12 January 2018

End of the first week already!

I know I had a great week and I hope the students did as well.
I hope everyone was able to get home safely in this bad weather!

Today we looked at comparing and ordering decimals. To begin, we looked at a number line that included tenths and hundredths. Students were then given numbers to place on the line, this helped students understand how to order numbers. We also looked at how to compare decimals based on the difference place values (first look at farthest left place value and read right, until finding which number is larger) a picture is below as an aid.
Here is a video that students can watch to help solidify their learning when comparing decimals.

Language UOI: 
Today students continued to work on their OREO organizer. I saw a lot of students putting great effort into organizing their ideas and writing them down. A lot of students were finding that they will need to do more research to be able to support the reasons for their opinion. I am encouraging students to do more research this weekend and bring in a hard copy (either printed and highlighted or handwritten) so that I can see what they have found during this process at home. I also want them to include the name of the website or book they found the information from. This helps ensure students are using reputable sources. 

UOI- Biodiversity 
Though many students went home early due to bad weather we were able to work on our Mystery Phylum assignment. This project will be continued on Monday so that students get extra time to complete it. Once completed students will be presenting their mystery phylum to the rest of the class.
Here are a few pictures of those working 

Important Reminders: 
Please bring in Ski Forms as they are due MONDAY January 15th 
Ripley's Aquarium trip: January 19th
Ski Trip: January 24th (7:00am leave SJA, 4:30 arrive back at SJA) 

A note on speeches 
 In Grade 5, students are expected to write and memorize a 3-5 minute persuasive speech on a topic of their choice. All work is to be completed in class, unless otherwise stated. We will have about a week to write rough copies, a week to write good copies and about a week to memorize with plenty of opportunity to perform in front of the class. On Wednesday, February 7, two students from each Grade 5 class will be chosen to compete in our SJA Oral Competition Day, on Friday, February 9. A letter was sent home, along with deadlines.

A message from Addmissions: 
Dear SJA Parents and Guardians,   
    As you are    aware,    the    re-registration    season    is    upon    us    and    we    have    recently    sent    home    packages    with    your    child(ren).        We    value    your    loyalty    and    commitment    to    our    school    community    and    would    love    to    continue    our    partnership    by    offering    priority    enrollment    for    our    current    SJA    families.   
    We    kindly    ask    that    you    take    a    moment    to    review    your    financial    statement    and    complete    the    information    in    the    package    and    make    any    necessary    changes    to    your    place    of    residence,    employment,    email    changes    or    any    medical    information    that    the    administration    should    be    aware    of.           
    Please    be    aware    that    in    order    to    secure    your    child’s    enrolment,    it    is    imperative    that    you    submit    your    re-enrollment    package    and    fees    no    later    than    February    12,    2018    at    4:00pm.        After    this    date,    all    available    grade-level    spaces    will    be    open    to    our    families    on    waitlists    who    will    then    have    the    opportunity    to    secure    any    vacant    positions.   

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Good Afternoon!

Today was a day for lots of creativity in class.

Today we looked at decimals in money as well as tenths and hundredths when looking at mixed numbers. Both worksheets were able to allow students a further understanding of the place value: tenth and hundredths Most students were able to get work done in class, if not it was for homework.

We first watched a short video about persuasive writing that had students thinking about how their topics change peoples minds.We then continued our discussion on speeches and we looked at the OREO persuasion writing method. We started an OREO  graphic organizer as our first steps to creating our speeches! Below is a picture of the chart that students will be able to look at and consider when organizing the ideas for their speeches.

UOI: Biodiversity
Students were given the task of creating a Phylum ID card. Before starting, we looked at the phyla tree and how to read it. Then I did a mock presentation on a mysterious phyla, the students had to follow with the animalia phyla trees and based on that information they had to guess my phyla, which was chordata. This gave the students an exact idea about how to do their own project. Next, the students worked with their partner on the ID cards. Here is the example ID card students are to create for their assigned phylum.

  • Math: Decimals and money sheet, and the tenths and hundredths sheet
  • Please bring back ski trip field trip form 
  • Ripley's field trip Friday, January 19
  • Ski trip Wednesday, January 24
  • This is a friendly reminder that all January Lunch payments are due tomorrow. After tomorrow, late fees will apply onto the Freshbooks invoices.
Have a great night!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The first day back

Today was a great day! Thank you to all students for making me feel so welcomed.

We started the day off with our new number sense unit, decimals. This unit will be broken down into two quizzes rather than one unit test.
Today we specifically looked at place value with tenths and hundredths, decimals in relation to fractions, and how to change tenths into hundredths. Though it was a lot of small concepts to cover the students really seemed to grasp the base knowledge. Here is a helpful video to watch if needing further information:

In Language we worked on OWA's, which also act as a pre-assessment for our unit on persuasive writing. By looking at this I will be able to tailor lessons to help students learn strategies needed for their Research-based Persuasive Speech. Students have been asked to do research tonight on their topic so that tomorrow we can begin the pre-writing stage of our speeches.

In UOI: Biodiversity we looked at the another way of classifying of living things, which is by Phylum. Students were able to look at the Animalia Phyla tree and better understand how they are classified by body symmetry.  Students were given a group task to find the definitions of key words that are used when describing phylum characteristics.
 If you want a small refresher on what the different Animalia Phyla are, here is a link that nicely describes the phyla and a few of their characteristics:

A note from Ms. Bancud - All January lunch payments are due on Friday, January 12th, 2018.